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Melbourne Pool Renovation Services

The trusted name in the Melbourne pool industry, we will deliver your quality pool or spa renovation on time and on budget.

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Pool Painting

Is your pool tired looking, stained, paint flaking off or maybe you just need a new look for the renovated backyard. We provide a highly skilled team of staff to paint your pool. Surface preparation is paramount and we ensure that your surface is optimal prior to any lick of paint. We also monitor the weather closely and will only paint when we know that the best result is assured. A range of options and colors are available as well as combination tile/paint if so requested. We use only the best available products on the market to ensure longevity and quality. If your pool is in need of repainting please contact us for an obligation free quote and we will be back to you to discuss your requirements.

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Pool Tiling

If you want your pool looking its best and to be safe to use, having expertly installed tiles is important. Using only the best available products on the market we can make your pool that may have seen better days, has chipped or broken tiles or missing tiles look like new again. Pool tiling is different from above water tiling and our staff are highly trained in best practice. The range of tiles is virtually endless, from glass to ceramic, we even try to source old replacement tiles for renovation work (where possible). Contact us for an obligation free quote or even just a chat about how we can best assist you, your pool and your individual style.

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Pool Concreting/Rendering

With an emphasis on personal, reliable and quality service, we have made old pools look new again at a fraction of the cost of installing a new pool. A wide range of surface options are available tailored to your requirements and aesthetics. We work with a variety of products and a wide range of colours which lead to stunning results. The process in rendering pools varies considering the job, ie, you may have a new pool and have decided to change the color so it will just require the top finishing coat, while old pools may require a little extra attention to remove rust spots, surface imperfections before a brand new colour is applied. Either way, our staff have perfected applying a wide range of surfaces available on todays market. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

pool rendering and concreting melbourne

Eco Finish

EcoFinish is a long lasting, maintenance and worry free pool coating using the latest technology from the States. Offering a range of colour to suits all styles, EcoFinish™ uses polymeric compounds that can last up to 100 plus years. The manufacturer gives a 10 year pro rata warranty and we give 2 years on workmanship. Nothing else in the industry has a warranty like this. In theory, it should last the life time of the pool. It is known as the Teflon of pool surfaces. Staining, fading, pool degradation should be the thing of the past. It doesn’t affect water chemistry – being PH neutral, waterline tiles don’t need to be applied. If that’s the look you’re after and algae issues are no longer a problem. EcoFinish™ also provides a waterproof membrane to protect the pool shell and helps to keep the heat in your pool. It’s the future of swimming pool finishes. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Eco Finish Colour – Surface Chart

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